Race-Tour piston kit for piston port cylinders, 66.00mm, MRB

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Race-Tour piston kit for piston port cylinders, 66.00mm, MRB This is one of our MBD 66mm forged 200cc Race-Tour type pistons. It is the strongest most versatile piston ever made for a Lambretta scooter. Suitable for small block maximum over sized and large block 200 standard type piston ported Lambretta cylinders such as: * Cast iron 200 cylinders * Race-Tour 200 cylinders * KA 200 cylinders * Mugello 200 cylinders * Rapido 200 cylinders * Factory 200 cylinders It is not designed for reed valve type cylinders but is strong enough to be modified for one. It provides better than Japanese quality without the additional expense of having to change your con-rod. It is designed to work with a 107 or 110mm Lambretta con-rod and uses a standard 39mm compression height. The piston kit comprises the piston: 1. Forged piston 2. Two wire piston rings 3. Two wire piston circlips 4. Gudgeon pin

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